RRISD Rubik’s Cube Challenge 2018

Cubing competitions take place all over the world and are governed by the World Cubing Association (WCA). The World Cube Association oversees rules and regulations for all puzzles labeled as Rubik puzzles, and all other puzzles that are played by twisting the sides. Most famous of these puzzles is the Rubik’s Cube, invented by professor Rubik from Hungary. The World Cube Association organizes competitions all over the world, and on January 30th, Cedar Valley Middle School hosted the first ever Round Rock ISD Rubik’s Cube Challenge. Students from six RRISD schools participated in the tournament. Each school’s team of 8 students worked together as a team to solve 25 Rubik’s Cubes in the fastest possible time in the team division of the tournament. In addition, students had the option to compete in a solo division. These talented students had a great night of friendly competition and are already working to improve their times for next year.